Day: March 14, 2020

Beware of Counterfeit or Imitation Water Ionizers

Don’t be fooled by sophisticated or counterfeit ionization machines that claim to be the same or better than the Enzie-made ionizers. Despite the false claims of smart online marketing, propaganda and devilishness that Kinsey ionizers are inferior or not so good, instead, I will show you the specific reasons that Zangik ionizers are not only superior but also that of Angkor Water Ionizers. The real champion.

First, the so-called “competition” will try to mislead people to make them believe that Angk Machines are more expensive because of business opportunities. This business opportunity is included automatically when one buys a cereal water machine, whether the buyer wants to refer it.

They include this referral program at no cost and at no additional cost and are optional to continue. You don’t have to approach other people, but if you or someone you sponsor, the company sends you a recommendation check. Often when you search for the far corners of the Internet, the added benefit of being able to receive a check is because of the false information that promotes greed or fraud. Will come Benchmark When An Enzyme Unit Is Sold General Chat Chat Lounge.

We make Anik machines are actually of better quality materials and engineering than counterfeiters, thus producing better quality water and longevity, which can increase the cost of Angkor water products.

However, in addition, Zangik units can be sold at a higher price than counterfeiters, but in reality, these counterfeiters cost less. Because imitation machines produce low-quality water because of low-quality materials and engineering, resulting in higher profit margins or markups than regular products, and result in less time to produce. Periods also arise, as explained, before they break down at low cost, they will work by producing low-quality water.

The scientific name for ionized water produced by enzymatic units is “electronic water depleted”. Put, electrolyzed low water is the best water found in nature and is again called electrolysis or ionization in the home.

An electrical analysis is the use of electricity to convert dead acid water into living and alkalizing water.

I know that buying a “machine” of water seems contradictory to the idea that a “machine” produces natural water, but it is the best natural water. This electrolysis process, which occurs in nature, such as when light strikes, produces the best earth-producing orbit. This fine water that nature produces is extremely antioxidant and can be found in rare or hard-to-find places around the world, such as in Lourdes, a famous source in France, or in ice-melting water. Is found. In the mountains, high-ionizing water machines use electrolysis to produce the same natural antioxidant water fresh in your home daily.

Cheaper imitation machines are actually more regularly marked than magic. For example, a $ 1,500 “cheap” knock-off will typically yield higher profit margins than inorganic units, as cheaper machines have lower quality and materials and engineering in the manufacture of their “made” units. Is In Korea “

skin care teartmnt

Improve the colour and texture of your skin with these expert tips. Sharing some daily habits and being more aware of other lifestyle factors that may affect you will help you find better skin. Whether your primary problem is anti-ageing care or acne treatment, the 11 steps below will allow your complexion to go where you want it.

1. Consider your water.
And adapt your skincare products accordingly. “Sweet water does not remove the soap well, so it can leave a residue on your skin,” says Susan H. Wink, assistant clinical professor of dermatology at the University of South Florida in Tampa. If your water is soft, use a few facials and body cleansers (only a quarter or more, respectively). Hard water does not allow the detergent to foam easily, showing you use excess detergent, which can lead to dryness. State-of-the-art Carolyn Jacobs, a Chicago-based dermatologist, says soft, soap-free formulas, which are considered harmless, can reduce it. Experts suggest trying the ultra-soft avian cleanser (24 ser; derms To check the quality of water in your area, log on to the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA. gov) website.

2. Drink green tea.
“If your complexion is red or stained, the anti-inflammatory properties of this tea can please,” says Andrea Cambio, a specialist in Cape Coral, Florida. “Iced is the best because hot drinks can make redness and other rustic symptoms worse.” Another benefit: green tea contains application gluten (EGCG) that can help prevent collagen destruction, which causes wrinkles and damages the skin’s damaged DNA (Ideas and Color Shape). Some experts consider replacing tea with your morning coffee.