All Natural Antioxid to Help Keep Your Body Toxic Free

In Western civilization and beyond, healthy eating habits have reached historic levels. Instead, the food (if you can call it that) is full of toxic and protective stuff. From fast-food hamburgers to fatty pizza to imitation cheese. It takes literally over two weeks to fully digest the artificial sweeteners of oil fries. Since it does not equip our body to deal with such abuses, it has to somehow react to it. So it does … negative. Since we have abused it, the body needs help to rid this “trash” of its “system.” This is where natural antioxidants can protect them. Although it cannot cure the disease, it can help keep the human process healthy by eliminating free radicals.

An oxidant is a living organism. When combined with oxygen, it oxidizes. The result is the creation of free radicals. It makes these free radicals up of incomplete molecules and atoms. When oxidation is complete, additional oxidants are distributed and free radicals circle aimlessly throughout the body until they are unnecessarily attached to any organism to feel complete. The organism with which they attach it deteriorates.

It produces toxins once more oxidation bursts, where they send out free radicals to disperse where they can. The body needs to get rid of these particles.

An antioxidant is a living organism that oxidizes when exposed to oxygen. We now know that this is a good thing unless there is a lot of work being done at the “jumping” point to send oxidant particles all over the body (free radicals). Therefore, the real definition of antioxidants is to fight the oxidation process which causes the formation of free radicals and damages the physical body.

We find natural antioxidants in healthy foods such as fruits and drinks. Organic foods are better because they do not have pesticides or protective equipment to remove nutrients. They commonly refer they are common to as “superfoods” because they attach themselves to otherwise healthy organs because of their ability to fight free radicals. In short, it helps to cleanse the human body of toxins that eat on healthy tissues, making the body less healthy.

Here are eight excellent foods you want to store: white tea, green tea, pomegranate, strawberry, cranberry, apple, kidney beans and beer.

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