Clear Signs That You Have Bad Hair

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According to the Urban Dictionary, bad hair means a shiny or very wavy crown. ‘Bad hair’ is a term used primarily in African American conditions. However, curly or wavy doesn’t really define that term. Bad hair can be bad for some hair management problems. Most people (whether or not African) will have bad hair. When you have trouble locking, it’s difficult to manage. Below are 5 clear signs that are less than your hair.

1. You have dry locks

Dry hair is usually weak and often broken. Touch to show if it is dry. If it is not smooth and supple, there is no moisture. The best solution is a good conditioner. The conditioner soaks up moisture and locks it accordingly. To prevent dryness, moisture or treat your hair every day. Causes of drought and breakage.

You. You have finished distribution.

Split ends are a common symptom of bad hair. Thermal damage is a common cause of the collapse. Rugged hair bands show that it breaks your pieces. The hair has seen these heads broken. When the structure weakens, it can show the thermal damage caused by shaping tools. You can solve this problem by taking a break from heat birth and treating your brush with a good conditioner. Avoid hard hair and never comb wet hair.

Your mix is ​​too high

Bars and knots usually show that your hair is not in the best condition. I can solve this using the right combs. Avoid using cheap plastic brushes. Instead, use a brush with soft nylon Brussels. Even good moisturizing hairs are not tangled.

4. You are shedding

Removing hair when combing or styling is a serious loss of hair pieces. This indicates very weak hair. There are many causes, including poor hair quality, heat loss, some medicines, and even health problems. Get professional help if your hair starts to break or breaks too much.

5. Your brush is too soft

Ideally, a good crown will look shiny and vibrant. I can consider boredom bad hair because it does not attract the eye. Excessive use of products like gels and tomatoes can feel stressful and boring. So, give your head a break and use oils that naturally brighten hair.

Outdated hairstyles can also be detrimental to your look. Styles that do not please your face / head also affect bad hair. If you want to buy a cheaper wig or add in quality hair, you can end up with the wrong look.

Emma has worked at DCMS and SEO since 2007. He has an editorial and journalistic background. Above all, her good hairstyle affects work. She patrols, tests and tests hair products. You can find recommendations for hair products and services.

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