DIY Face Masks Feed Your Face

One of the best ways to indulge yourself is to treat your face with ingredients that will resurrect it. Masks are a great and quick way to get and maintain good skin. You can also make DIY masks at home with ingredients at home. They are simple, easy and easy. Here are some DIY asks that you can try for various skin problems.

1. Humid honey mask.

If your skin is dry and damp because of excessive work or bad weather, all you need is a hydrate of your skin.

Ingredients you need:




Mix these ingredients well and leave them on your face for 15 to 30 minutes. Let the ingredients penetrate your skin. Wash it off and you will easily see smooth and shiny skin.

2. Fight this feeling.

Acne can result from the pollution that can block your holes and cause irritation. Don’t worry, as you can easily dry them in a few days.

Ingredients you need:


Saffron from India.


This is one of the oldest DIY secrets in the history of skincare. If you have acne-prone or oily skin, this fee pack will take care of that. Yoghurt has anti-bacterial properties while turmeric dries acne, thus eliminating them. Lemons will clear the scars of one’s previous acne and leave your skin glowing and clear.

3. Tighten these holes.

Knives can be a real source of trouble. Even after makeup, they are difficult to hide, because if your skin has large holes in it, your brand will look flaky after a while. You can try a DIY mask to tighten them and restore a baby’s soft skin.

The ingredients you need.

Egg white.


Mix these ingredients well and leave them on your face until they dry. Then you can either wash or peel it, depending on the consistency of the mask. Eggs will harden white holes and eliminate impurities and blackheads that will naturally give you a flawless glow!

4. Sheepskin.

Congested skin can cause acne breakouts. This may be because of unhealthy eating, poor sleep or hot weather. But when you tinker with it, it masks everything.

The ingredients you need.


Aloe Vera.



Combine these ingredients and put this mixture on your face after washing your face with your usual clean. Leave it on your face for 15 to 20 minutes. Wash it If your skin has a lot of trouble, do it every other day, otherwise, you can do it once a week. This can cool your skin and eliminate toxins that cause congestion.

5. Light it up.

Slower skin maybe because of insomnia, overwork and not enough care for your skin. You can brighten and remove dead cells using the most basic ingredients in your kitchen.

The ingredients you need.

Brown sugar.


Virgin olive oil

Mix these ingredients in such a way that your cleaning is consistent. Apply it on your face, and rub it gently. Then wash your face to reveal the magic of this simple hydrating mask. Extra benefit: You can use it on your lips.

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