Is Increasing Carbon Dioxide In Our Atmosphere Reducing The Nutrients In The Food

Recently, nutritionists and scientists have studied the effects of increasing amounts of carbon dioxide in our environment, making the food we eat is less nutritious. In fact, they consider the vast amounts of carbon dioxide to make in a plant that we eat more like junk food.

The breaths we inhale increase the amount of carbon dioxide and protein, minerals and vitamins in crops like rice, barley and potatoes for plant growth. They are important food sources for many living people today and pose unknown dangers to human health.

Agricultural studies have shown in recent years that many of our food sources have become less nutritious. Vitamins, minerals and protein intake are significantly reduced. Similar studies have shown a significant decrease in these nutrients over the past 50 to 70 years.

Why is this happening then?

Researchers have an easy reason for this. Agricultural products have increased production over nutrition, whether they are broccoli, tomato or high-fibre cereals. Producers have learned to grow these plants fast. This means that plants have less time to incorporate nutrients they would normally have at a lower rate of growth. Increasing carbon dioxide content in the environment also increases the plant’s growth rate.

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