NAET A Natural Allergy Treatment That Could Work For You Facts on What It Is & How It Work

NAET began in 1983, in DC, LAC, RN, PhD, with the goddess SSSNBRIDGE PAD and as practising acupuncture, chiropractor, oncologist, and registered nurse at Buena Park, California. Has been described.

Dr Numbers paid himself has faced many allergies to his life, and that’s why he started researching how to improve his health by eliminating allergies, which has improved his quality of life.

NAET is a balanced, drug-free natural solution that combines allergies of all types and severity using a combination of energy balance, testing and elective treatment.

I use it in the treatment of many allergies such as.

the environment.
All kinds of food.
And much more.
The Namboodiri Pad describes NEET as a ” natural, innovative way to achieve perfect health with complete and lasting freedom against allergies and diseases.”
“She states that” there is practically no human illness or condition that does not include an allergic factor “and that” most of the common causes of diseases, such as

Back pain.
Body aches.
And much more.
In fact, there are non-diagnostic allergies. ”
Scientific allergists define allergies as a response to the body’s immune system, which occurs after the body is aware of a substance (allergen), usually a protein. Allergic reactions occur when allergic proteins, together with antibodies, stimulate the release of histamine and other chemical substances that can cause itching and many other symptoms. The numerical pad claims that the allergen entering the body causes collisions between the allergen and the “energy fields” of the allergic person.

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