Pain Relief Associations

During my 35 years of chiropractic practice, I have seen thousands of patients looking for pain relief. I have noticed that even though they are part of the body, the root cause of the discomfort comes from somewhere else. This article will discuss three cases of pain-relieving patients. The real source of pain was somewhere else. Many times pain relief comes from an associated area.

Our first case study involved a stress-prone patient. Kevin came to me and told me he often has daily headaches. His headache started in the back of his head and as the discomfort increased, he felt it in his temples and forehead. The headache did not go away two months ago. He made it difficult for his wife and three young children to join and live a busy bartender. She had met her doctor, had a negative brain MRI and had tried medications, but her headache remained.

When I looked at it, I found it in the upper neck and X-ray examination of the area; it is a false symbol of the upper part. Because of this, nerves and joints in the area had to be tensed and upset, which caused the associated headache. Once these misunderstandings were corrected with chiropractic care, her headache was completely eliminated and she could resume her busy life as a husband, father and bartender. He was happy to relieve his pain.

Our second case study was Karen, who had shoulder discomfort. She first told me she had limited mobility and shoulder pain. It was hard to put on his bra and lift something heavy like a gallon of milk. She looked at her young granddaughter during the day and could barely stop and take her. Karen’s problem almost. It has been running for six months, and its condition is getting worse. When I examined Karen, she had serious shoulder problems such as tendonitis, bursitis, and ligament sprains. However, there were also signs of the lower neck and upper back of the boat which were linked to his shoulder pain. Chiropractic care for her spinal cord defects, and shoulder joint care, have reduced her ability to relieve her shoulder movement, general strength and pain.

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