-Fabula looks great! Where do I begin?

First sign up for an account. Then look at our First Steps to Making a Map with Fabula post.

-What kind of stories can I tell with maps?

Anything. Fabula is your tool to unleash your inner story-teller. Other users have used Fabula to talk about everything from current affairs to historical events to personal travel.

-Do I need coding experience to use Fabula?

Not at all. Fabula is designed so that anyone and everyone is able to tell their story without a background in coding.

-What is the difference between features and keyframes?

Features - i.e markers, polygons, and polylines - are animations you can use to make your map come alive. They can be found in the [Categories] icon at the top left of the editor screen. Once you have added features on your map, you can then add keyframes to help guide viewers through your narrative. The keyframes icon [the movie real icon] is directly below categories.

-What kind of files can I import onto a map?

There a a couple of different file types that are compatible with FabulaMaps. They are: JSON, GeoJSON, CSV, AND KML. You can import these files via the import button on the lower right hand side of the editor screen. To learn more about how importing can improve your maps, read our blog!

-What kind of media can I add to the map?

You can add images, videos, and sound files to your map. We recommend using Youtube videos and Soundcloud files since they are easy to copy and paste into the editor box.

-How can I share my Fabula story?

Once you have finished your map, you can share your story via Facebook, Twitter, or Hyperlink. You can do this by clicking the icons in the top right corner of the screen when you are in the "View Project" mode of your map.

-How do I add collaborators?

On the Scholar and Professional Plan, you can add collaborators via email on the map settings screen. Refer to our guides for more details.

-How is Fabula different from other web-based interactive mapping platforms?

Fabula is a unique online platform that allows anyone to become an expert story-teller through maps, no coding required. Our platform supports sophisticated media to bring your content to life and engage audiences like never before. Unlike other platforms, Fabula is dedicated to the development of a strong community of users with the Global Fabula Library. Users can contribute features or draw from the large collection of geocoded data within the library to build their distinctive maps.

-I am a professor looking to use digital mapping in my classroom. How can I do this with Fabula?

You are not alone. Many professors at top universities in the country are using interactive FabulaMaps in their courses to allow students to engage more directly with content and diversify coursework. With our Classroom Plan, you can invite students to join Fabula for a discounted rate and have complete access to Fabula's advanced features -including collaboration and making private maps. For full details on this offer, please see our plans page.

-I am a student and cannot afford the monthly paid plan. Can I still use Fabula?

Not to worry. Fabula has a basic plan that we offer to students free of charge. You can sign up for the free plan and test out the core features of Fabula at the bottom of the plans page.