Give context to current or historical events to communicate the bigger picture.

Design a narrative sequence with keyframes to guide your audience through your story from the beginning to the end. Provide content and context to maps like never before..

Become a better educator by illustrating complex ideas in an accessible way. Enhance your story with pictures, Youtube videos, and sound clouds files. Make your map interactive with pop-ups and side panels.

Invite collaborators with related interests, and share your creations with team members, colleagues, students, or the world.

There are thousands of people like you building maps and sharing their stories. Reach out to them easily, and give back to the community by sharing some of your features with the global network.

Use Fabula as a workspace and mini-archive for your research. As you continue your research, or simply want to go back and see what you've already collected, Fabula makes it easy to discover new relationships within your research.

Organize data using categories and keyframes, add comments, and color features to track changes throughout your map making process. Keep track of your progress or jot down ideas for later by using keyframes as your personal notepad.